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Ensemble XXI Ensemble XXI plays the scores of is a specialized publishing company which presents new and innovative educational material that treats the guitar as an ensemble instrument.

We offer several level scores and instrumental combinations which combine the Guitar Orchestra with wind, string instruments and voice to guitar and chamber music teachers.

Our catalogue includes descriptive music, Renaissance dances, Celtic rhythms, legends, and musical fairy tales to open the imagination and ear of the young in an attractive and encouraging way.

This new material allows guitar students the opportunity, from their earliest years, to perform music with other instruments found in school orchestra, band or in the conservatory setting.

All of the material is innovative, and includes rare tone guitar treatment: effects, percussion, etc. It is a unique way of training your pupils and introducing them to play together with other instruments. This is the perfect solution to group and chamber music lessons.

Depending on the teacher's needs, the parts can be doubled, creating an instrumental chorus than can be made up of any number of performers.

All of our scores have been created with a technical and artistic educational purpose and successfully performed. Come listen to an excerpt of any score in our catalogue.

Essential curriculum for modern guitar instruction.