Free Sheet Music for Guitar Ensemble with Voice and other Instruments

Original scores and arrangaments performed by the young orchestra Ensemble XXI with María Eugenia Boix, soprano
Orchestration: Guitar Ensemble with voice, flute, clarinet, trumpet, string quartet and contrabass.
Pedagogical material with progressive levels in the four guitar parts.

Download score «Trop loin l’Irlande». Traditional-Pelletier (PDF)

Download score «The good man». Traditional (PDF)

Download score «Bonny Portmore». Traditional (PDF)

Download score «Fuego azul». José Antonio Chic (PDF)

Download score «My love is like a red, red rose». Traditional (PDF)

Download score «Ned on the Hill». Traditional (PDF)

Download score «Let the cold wind blow». Traditional (PDF)

Download score «The constant lovers». Traditional (PDF)

Download score «Hildegarde von Bingen». Claire Pelletier (PDF)

Download score «El lago encantado». José Antonio Chic (PDF)

Download score «Western Highway». Gerard O’Beirne (PDF)

Download score «Going home». Mary Fahl (PDF)

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